'Once Upon a Time': Puppetmaster Peter Pan grew up with Rumpelstiltskin

This week's "Once Upon a Time," titled "Nasty Habits," was a bit of a wheel-spinner in terms of the plot moving forward. But it did have some interesting character development. The present-day action was entirely encased in Neverland and everything kind of wound around in a big circle -- Henry started off the episode with Peter Pan and woke up at the end of the episode with him, not knowing what had transpired in between. But he had gone from feeling like a hopeful, loved little boy to a sad, lost one. Awww.We don't think Henry has completely given up hope, but he certainly is starting to lose it. He has no idea that half his family is traipsing through the island, exploring Baelfire's old cave to try to find a clue as to Pan's whereabouts. Meanwhile, the other half of his family, Gold and Neal, actually manage to get Henry back from Pan --...



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