The Walking Dead Recap: Hog Wild


Last week’s episode established a new sense of normalcy among the survivors — farming, barbecues, story time (with bonus knife lessons for the kiddies). The aim of this week’s episode was to tear all of that down and plunge the prison into chaos. That’s bad news for the gang, but great news for us. Remember season two, when things got way too cozy at Hershel’s farm? That feels like a lifetime ago. Now, when life becomes remotely comfortable, there’s something terrible lurking around the corner. So when Karen and Tyreese are snuggling and the big fella’s singing Sinatra and suggesting they “crash at her place,” you just know their romance won’t end well. (One lesson that Maggie and Glenn learned a while back: never put off getting laid during a zombie apocalypse.) Though it’s early in the season, there seems to be a new emphasis on striking a balance between action and emotion. So far, it’s working.  Read More...


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