'Castle' recap: Murder goes back to the future in 'Time Will Tell'

Energy wars? Time-traveling murderers? Castle and Beckett have three children?"Castle" went a little bit nuts -- in the best possible way -- for its time-travel episode, "Time Will Tell." Guest-starring Joshua Gomez ("Chuck") as either a future cop or an obsessed nutjob, the police have to stop a scary murderer before more people die.Depending on who you believe in this one, the eventual death toll would be either three or billions. It's awesome either way."Lot of weirdos out there with too much imagination."From its first moments, this is an odd "Castle." A young woman is found tortured and killed. Although the woman, Shauna, was a parole officer, none of her ex-cons are likely suspects. The only person of interest is an unidentified crazy guy in a hoodie.That would be "Simon Doyle" (Gomez). When questioned, Doyle admits to stalking Shauna before her death but only because he had to save her in order to save...



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