The Voice Recap: The Same Man


This was a pretty fun episode of television! Cher returned and gave lots of great advice. Ed Sheeran didn’t do much, but at some point I realized that he might have an entire sleeve of tattoos. They were peeping out of his Oxford collar! Does this mean that tattoos are officially over?


Josh Logan vs. Michael Lynch, “Harder to Breathe”
I never realized when I was just a wee babe living in Providence, Rhode Island, and screaming Maroon 5 out a window, that I was singing the lyrics that a murderer might sing to his prey. Listening to this dumb battle last night, I finally realized “Harder to Breathe” is the most insane song I have ever known. To wit: “Does it kill / Does it burn / Is it painful to learn / That it's me that has all the control.” Those are the lyrics and Adam Levine wrote them! Is he a murderer? Because in some ways, he is JUST handsome enough. Obviously, also, it was too dark for the large staring eyes of Michael Lynch. I mean, all he really wants to sing are warbly songs about county kilkenny or possibly "Bailamos" again! So the guy in the bowler hat won.  Read More...


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