How I Met Your Mother Recap: More Bad Choices


HIMYM rifled through their bag of tricks last night, and used pretty much every one. Nostalgic pop-cultural framing device? Check. Women-be-crazy subplot? Check. Lily wit’ attitude? Check. (How delirious were the writers when they decided What the damn hell? was such a funny punch line that several characters needed to say it?)


I didn’t laugh once. Or maybe just once, when, during the Indy reenactment, Ted says: “Really? I’m the one working with the Nazis?” Barney’s theory that wedding-weekend hookups are determined during drinks on Friday night held promise, but the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade reference was too convenient. You can almost picture a white board in the writers’ room with a list of plot points and a corresponding list of eighties and nineties movies and catchphrases that, when crossed, will redeem any story line. Ted has his pick of three single women at the wedding, and from the moment Cassie (Pitch Perfect’s Anna Camp) bumps into him at the bar, the knight informs him, “You chose poorly.”  Read More...


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