'Person of Interest' Season 3: Shaw finally shows emotion in 'Razgovor'

Sarah Shahi got her time to shine on "Person of Interest." All season the actress has been teasing that episode 5, "Razgovor," will be the time where viewers finally get a little insight into why Shaw is the way she is. Flashbacks in this episode revealed that the death of her father at a young age was the first time when Shaw truly shut down and muted her emotions. Interestingly, it took another young girl of roughly the same age to crack adult Shaw's hard shell. This exploration into Shaw was a long time coming, but it's nice to finally feel like the audience is getting to know her. Shahi has done a great job playing the character as a tough as nails woman with barely a hint of vulnerability, but when she lets Shaw's softness shine -- like she did in all of her scenes with Jen -- the character really blossoms. Just like...



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