Witches of East End Season 1 Review “Today I Am a Witch”

Now that we’ve gotten the necessary origin story out of the way, this week Witches of East End, ‘Today I Am a Witch’, got to get down to some actual magic. Ingrid and Freya now know the big family secret and, although they currently suck at actually being witches right now, they’re going to give it a good go nonetheless. Cue backfiring incantations!

Wendy and Joanna are at odds over whether they should teach the girls witchcraft or not and, as the show is essentially about witches, we’re not in suspense about who will win the argument. While Joanna compiles a list of potential enemies that may help to uncover the identity of their opponent (she’s done some nasty things in the past), Wendy attempts to show her nieces how to skim a stone across water with their minds. Freya doesn’t do so well, but Ingrid is a natural.




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