Once Upon A Time Season 3 Review “Nasty Habits”

Once Upon a Time made some progress in winning me back this week. The story moved quicker and there were only a couple small things that got on my nerves. It seems like the episodes are always better when Rumplestiltskin is featured.

I have been a proponent of Emma and Hook (and still am), but this week I warmed up to Neal a little bit. His take-charge attitude was a welcome change to his previous role of dupe. He was on a mission to retrieve Henry and he wasn’t going to let anything stand in his way – especially not a ridiculously large squid. Teaming up with his father, Neal devised a plan to render Pan immobile while he rescued Henry. This alliance created all kinds of drama that gave us more context for the tense relationship between Rumple and Neal. In an emotional confrontation between the two, Neal finally got the chance to pour out all the hurt he’d accumulated after being abandoned by his father.




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