Downton Abbey Series 4 Episode 5 (ITV) Review

Despite the headlines it’s received this year, this might be the most boring series of Downton Abbeyto date. There are endless debates about tax, a rape storyline that has trodden a very predictable path and a curious lack of many characters who have previously been fan favourites. Can it improve? Sure it can, but it better do it soon before the anger at Anna’s storyline turns into indifference and frustration with the show as a whole.

There’s a certain amount of intrigue surrounding Edith, who is alone in reflecting the more interesting real-world changes of the time. She’s the first upstairs character to have had sex outside of marriage, to wear a dress without sleeves and, now, to possibly get pregnant with a bastard child while her prospective husband is becoming a German citizen. Ah, Edith never did take the easy road to happiness, did she? Was her trip to the doctor’s a hint that she is indeed pregnant, or was it something else? With Downton seeming more and more like a standard soap opera these days, it’s almost certainly the former.



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