The Blacklist Season 1 Review “The Courier”

Procedural shows featuring case of the week bad guys have a choice: They can crank up the action sequences (see Person of Interest), or they can invest a lot of writing capital in their bad guys. With its supporting players being mostly non-entities at this point, The Blacklist is forced to wager heavily on its bad guys. While the anti-hero era tells us that bad people are inherently more interesting than good people, if you’re putting a lot into your bad guys, then you’re going to be forced to constantly raise the stakes. One week after having a weird dude who looked like a hairless cat and boiled people into nothing, the show introduces a guy who can feel no pain and uses some impressive combat surgery to hide things inside of his person. I’m willing to admit I’m suffering from Viewer Expectation Syndrome, but can’t some of these guys be halfway normal? Reddington, himself a Blacklister, seems reasonably well-adjusted for such a hardened criminal. At this point, it appears he may be the only one.



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