The Originals Season 1 Review “Girl in New Orleans”

In the latest episode of “The Originals,” we started out with a bit of tongue-in-cheek business involving Klaus asking Cami to be his “stenographer” for his “memoirs” in “Girl in New Orleans.” In other words, he asked her to do an “Interview with the Vampire,” wink-wink. Hey, it is New Orleans, Anne Rice’s stomping grounds. Gotta give it up for the godmother of the vampires.

Anyway, at this point, Klaus is compelling Cami with such regularity, it’ll be a miracle if it doesn’t have an adverse effect of some kind. I’m not sure what the mythos of this show is in that regard, but I seem to recall that if you compel someone too many times, it can cause brain damage or psychosis or something of that nature. That may not be the case here, but that would be an interesting wrinkle, wouldn’t it? Especially since Klaus is clearly a bit sweet on the would-be doctor.



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