Arrow Season 2 Review “Broken Dolls”

Things just got real on Arrow. This week’s episode picked up right where the last one left off. Olvier was surrounded by police and about to surrender when the masked bleach-blond chick showed up and saved his butt. She didn’t explain who she is or why she saved The Hood, but good thing she did, otherwise, Oliver’s goose was cooked. Before he and the rest of Team Hood could look into the matter further, Felicity got a call from Det. Lance on the super secret Green Arrow phone. A lunatic killer that Det. Lance had put away escaped during the earthquake and he was back to killing women. Crazy Woman Killer would grab women, suffocate them with the stuff they use to make China dolls, then dress the victims up like China dolls and leave them hanging in various places. Det. Lance called The Hood to ask for help. The Hood agreed and the duo set off to capture Crazy Woman Killer. Det. Lance and Laurel ended up getting kidnapped in the process, but lucky for them, The Hood was there to save them. Crazy Woman Killer wasn’t so lucky.



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