Revolution Season 2 Review “One Riot, One Ranger”

Characters converged and the plot took a big step forward in “One Riot, One Ranger,” this week’s episode of Revolution. As Charlie and Monroe finally made it to Willoughby, Miles was preparing to try and bring the Texas Rangers into war with the Patriots. Meanwhile, Aaron wrestled with self-doubt and Tom showed even more ruthlessness in a highly-entertaining hour of television.

Redmond and the Texas Rangers were the first to arrive this week, and they were an interesting group of characters. Though it seems the Texans have reverted to hardcore stereotypes in the past fifteen years, Redmond was still a fun character, someone who was clearly a strong rival when Miles was still in the Monroe Republic. It was a shame that Monroe took him out at the end of the episode, but that’s what happens when you let a crazy dictator into your group. Monroe’s actions weren’t entirely out of line, though, and it should help push the conflict with the Patriots into high gear.



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