Scandal Season 3 Review “Say Hello to My Little Friend”

What’s done in the dark never stays there. Some how, some way, whatever you try to hide will always find its way into the light. Whether it’s a lie you told or a mistake you made, secrets never stay secret. Several people came to that realization in this week’s Scandal.

The case of the week should sound familiar to anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock the last year or so. A senator was caught sexting his genitals to a girl and the girl was subsequently murdered. Naturally, the senator was accused of her murder. The senator and his defense team hired Pope and Associates to handle the senator’s public image while they were handling his criminal case. The senator lied and said it was just the one girl, but apparently he spent 23 hrs a day sending out snapshots of his tallywhacker because Olivia and Co. were blindsided in court by girls coming out of the woodwork saying that he sexted them. Things got even worse after it was discovered that Senator Snaps-A-Lot was still sexting random women while he was on trial. Ultimately, the senator’s wife got on the stand and testified that although her husband was a pervert and a pig, he wasn’t a murderer. Senator Snaps-A-Lot was acquitted and the real murderer, his wife, walked away.



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