Reign Season 1 Review “Snakes in the Garden”

Its two weeks into Reign, and I’m still pleasantly surprised by the fun and intrigue on offer. This is CW silliness at its best, with betrayal, a love story and a strong heroine to guide us through this anachronistic world that may as well be as fictional as the Game of Thrones universe. We’ve even got a secret ghost/witch/hermit living in the tunnels hidden within the castle, and the mystery of Clarissa alone would keep me watching.

Who is she? All we know is that she has some sort of interest in the fate of Mary, has made friends with the youngest French royal, saved Colin from a grisly fate (before he met one that was arguably worse), and she has some reason to hide her face. Maybe she just doesn’t pass the CW pretty test, and they need to time to recast before her identity is revealed? That’s unlikely, of course, and Clarissa is an element of the show that I wasn’t expecting at all.



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