'Supernatural' recap: Cas needs the sex talk, Zeke needs a time out

And just like that, Zeke lost any goodwill he earned by helping to heal Sam. With one ultimatum, the angelic pacemaker turned all fans against him in Tuesday, Oct. 22's all-new episode of "Supernatural." What exactly did he do in "I'm No Angel" to piss off the "Supernatural" fandom?Warning: This recap contains major spoilers. Avert your eyes now if you have yet to see Tuesday's episode.Let's start at the beginning. Castiel, making his long trek to the Men of Letters bunker on foot, is going by the alias Clarence (fun "Supernatural" callback: Demon Meg called him that once upon a time, because as Sam pointed out, it's the name of a famous angel from "It's a Wonderful Life"). Living as a human is proving to be more difficult that he thought: He is living in a shelter, picking up trash to earn his keep, eating toothpaste (guess he still has a lot to learn),...



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