'Ravenswood' premiere: Is [SPOILER] a ghost now?

Welcome to "Ravenswood," the spooky town just down the road from "Pretty Little Liars" Rosewood. But really, they couldn't be more different. Caleb and MirandaFollowing the events of the PLL Halloween episode, Caleb stays in Ravenswood to help Miranda look into their mysterious connection to the town -- starting with two gravestones that have their names and faces on them. Cree-py. Miranda is also there to reach out to her long-lost uncle whom she just found out about. His name is Raymond Collins and he's the town funeral director ... who also happens to live with Mrs. Grunwald. Yes, the glow-in-the-dark-eyed sorority house mother who knows way more about Alison DiLaurentis than she's telling.Raymond isn't exactly thrilled for his niece to have just dropped into town, but he gives Caleb and Miranda a place to stay, complete with ghosts that may or may not try to drown you in the bathtub. (Nobody thinks that was...



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