'New Girl': Not even Batman can save Schmidt in 'Keaton'

The following sentence should tell you everything you need to know about "New Girl": Schmidt's entire lifetime of personal growth has been based on letters from Michael Keaton, which are fake and written by his mom, then Nick, then all of the roommates.Add in some Halloween costumes, and you have the plot of "Keaton.""The pumpkin doesn't matter."Schmidt has been something of a mess recently. And by "mess," I mean the guy is verging on sociopathic and mentally challenged at times. In "Keaton," we at least get an explanation: Schmidt has no ability to solve his own problems. This is because he has received forged letters from actor Michael Keaton for his entire life.At this point, the lowest of Schmidt's lows, it's totally time for the Batman to step in. That's Jess' idea, anyway.Catfishing for the holidaysJess is throwing a Halloween party and would like the rather messed-up Cece (her hair isn't perfect!) to attend....



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