Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Review “Forget Me Not”

I’m glad to report that Once Upon a Time in Wonderland improved this week. It was the first episode that I actually enjoyed and didn’t just tolerate. Will Scarlett, aka Knave, was the driving force of the episode, and his backstory was explored – including his predictable former relationship with the Red Queen. It was pretty obvious from the beginning of the show that there would be a connection between those two as they are good looking and appear to be a similar age. In tv land and Wonderland, that’s all it takes to create a couple.

We started out with a good old fashioned robbing courtesy of Robin Hood and his merry men. The fact that Robin has showed up several times in Once Upon a Time and now in Wonderland suggests that he has a bigger story this season – undoubtedly related to Regina. Knave ingratiates himself into the group and comes up with a scheme to steal Maleficent’s gold. Somehow they all manage to sneak into her castle and successfully retrieve a chest full of gold. Knave defies Robin’s orders, though, and also takes a small mirror. Later around the campfire, Maleficent’s voice echoes through the trees. She tells them to keep the gold, but return the other item that was stolen.




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