Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 “Map of You” Review

I’ve admitted in past reviews that I’m not a big fan of the newest group of doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial. This became evident to me when I was pretty much indifferent to Mousy’s death in the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy.

Evidently my indifference to the new doctors has also led me to begin blocking out storylines with the group. When the hell did Leah’s feelings for Arizona develop? When did the pair have a makeout session? I recall Leah helping a drunken Arizona and April, but I’ve obviously blocked out everything else that happened after that. I don’t know where this storyline is going, I’m only certain it will not end well. What’s worse, we now have another couple (sort of a couple) that have no business being together – looking at you Jackson and Stephany.



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