The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Review “Win Some, Lose Some”

I was still a little on the fence about The Carrie Diaries at the end of its first season, but I’m happy to say that I’m fully on board with the second run so far. I know its early days, but the introduction of Lindsey Gort’s Samantha Jones Jr was so successful that I’m more than a smidge excited about what’s to come. This is the Carrie Diaries that I wanted to watch from the beginning, and the fact that we’re getting it is very good news indeed.

The episode was almost entirely about the introduction of Samantha, with Carrie having the summer of her life in New York with Walt while her friends and family carried on as normal back home. Dorrit’s boyfriend is still around and eager to meet her family, Mouse’s boyfriend is still around and has actually been accepted by her family, and Maggie is alone and friendless working at the country club. Carrie has had so contact with either her or Sebastian since their dalliance last season, and that’s just made them feel worse.



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