Wentworth Prison Series 1 Review “To The Moon”

Watching the final few episodes of Wentworth, including ‘To the Moon’, have made me extremely glad I didn’t look ahead and spoil myself before starting. The entire series has already aired in its native Australia, so that would have been pretty easy to do, but watching Bea’s storyline progress not knowing how things might end has been a great watch – not a pleasant watch, as such, but great drama nonetheless.

This penultimate instalment of Wentworth was, in a word, brutal. At the end of the previous episode, Debbie had been administered with a heroin overdose by fake boyfriend Brayden and left for dead – now we have to watch the fallout from Jacs’ callous plan. Interestingly enough, there isn’t much for Jacs to do in this episode, and we’ll have to wait for Bea’s payback in next week’s finale. This episode is solely about the grief felt by Bea and, by association, the inmates and guards who are connected to her.




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