The Walking Dead Season 4 Review “Isolation”

The Walking Dead returned tonight with another solid episode, as the survivors are still trying to figure out exactly what’s going on with this aggressive new disease, and the (possible) identity of Karen and David’s killer is already revealed! While “Isolation” did feel more like a bridge episode, with most of these situations being hopefully resolved in the next installment, it was still pretty entertaining and fulfilling in it’s own right.

The episode kicked off with a scene that I’ve been waiting to see ever since Tyreese was introduced, as he and Rick got into an intense fistfight after Karen and David are found dead. Tyreese and Rick had a very combative relationship in the comics from the moment they met, one that resulted in a climactic fight much like this one, but their relationship quickly evolved into something very powerful and one of the best friendships in the series. While I was pretty excited to finally see this fistfight play out on screen, I feel like the build up was definitely lacking. Tyreese and Rick have barely shared any screen time together, with the majority of their interactions being in the last season when Rick was going a little crazy. I’m hoping that their relationship can get a little more interesting from this point on, as it really is something special in the books.



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