The Amazing Race Season 23 Review “Get Our Groove On”

The Amazing Race returned tonight with a true rarity, as they actually showed us new footage before the credits! Usually they just show the “Previously on” scenes and then go straight to the pretty credits sequence, but “Get Our Groove On” actually showed us a very important scene before the credits! Without any further suspense or misdirection, Tim and Marie finally gave away their spare Express Pass to someone!

Yes, Nicole was able to strongarm Tim and Marie into giving them the Express Pass, but I was a little surprised how they handled it. Tim and Marie should have told everybody that they gave their Express Pass to Nicole and Travis! It would have taken a target off their back, and put a big target Nicole and Travis’. I guess they couldn’t have pulled the old “We have the Express Pass!” line that they’ve been using on everybody, so maybe that’s what they were thinking.



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