The Good Wife Season 5 Review “Hitting the Fan”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you reset your show.

Before discussing the mechanics of the actual episode, it’s important to grasp the magnitude of what the show has done in 40+ minutes. The last network standard-bearer for drama at the Emmys, The Good Wife had the luxury of being a show with a ton of prestige, but functioned in a way that would appeal to the casual television fan. It could have coasted on this level until we all got bored, and then came back to watch them close out after 8 seasons. Nobody would have blamed them. Everyone on the show would have made lots of money. We probably would all leave with fond memories of the show. Instead, the show had the onions to turn the show on its head. There is so much in this decision to chew on that its hard not to look to the future of the show. After years of being St. Alicia and always on the right side of things, Alicia Florrick is now in a position to be a disliked character on the show (for legitimate reasons). More than anything else, I’m excited to watch Julianna Margulies show that side of the character. Like many others on the show, Margulies is a wonderful professional who really excels at playing the strong but soft female lead of television series. In many ways, her work on this series has become underrated as other characters have consistently been given bigger roles and strange tics. All the while, Margulies has been the rock of the show. Now, it’s set up for her to step to the forefront and dominate the proceedings. It’s a really exciting time for fans of the show and probably the actress as well.



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