Masters of Sex Season 1 Review “Catherine”

On a heartbreaking episode of “Masters of Sex,” we finally saw Masters lose that tightly-wound veneer of control he so desperately clings to more often than not, and with good reason. I’ve been wondering for some time how the show would get from one point to another, in particular how they would get Masters & Johnson together not only as co-workers, but as the couple we know they eventually became in reality. In “Catherine,” we saw how that might come to pass, and it was not an easy path.

As we know, Masters’ wife Libby, after expending a considerable amount of energy and time trying to conceive a child, finally got her wish and got pregnant at long last. I wondered how having a child might change things, but it never quite occurred to me how not having one might. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what came to pass, and it was a pretty sad affair all around. As distressing as it was to see poor Libby come to terms with the loss of her baby, it was arguably even worse seeing Masters lose it at the end, after being so composed…well, pretty much the entire of the run of the show thus far.



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