Revenge Season 3 Review “Control”

After a lackluster outing last week, Revenge bounced back with “Control,” a strong episode that struck a good balance between happy moments for some of the supporting characters and rougher ones for Emily. Though it’s still not clear where the show will go next, things are looking up once again.

In a lot of ways, romance dominated this episode, with complications once again hitting Emily and the three men in her life. I’ll be honest, I’m not really a fan of any of Emily’s potential suitors for a variety of reasons. Daniel’s charm went out the window as soon as he allowed himself to be sucked into the dark secrets of his family, so I was glad to see that Emily’s struggling to keep up the façade of loving him. Similarly, while I know some commenters are Aiden fans, I feel that he’s gone too far into obsession recently. I don’t believe he’s fully on Emily’s side anymore. Ultimately, he’s going to do whatever best serves his own interests, such as when he tried to blame Jack for the car accident.



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