Downton Abbey Series 4 Episode 6 (ITV) Review

Now that we’re over the tedious secret keeping between Anna, Bates and Mrs Hughes, there’s time to get back to some fun times at Downton Abbey. It’s Lord Grantham’s birthday, and Rose has organised a rather unorthodox surprise for him and the family.

We saw it coming a couple of weeks ago, but the show is now officially tackling racial tensions at the Abbey. There’s no actual unpleasantness, of course, but that may change when anyone other an Mary discovers Rose’s dalliance with singer Jack Ross. Considering the way they reacted to Tom back in the day, I can only imagine what kind of noise Carson would make if he was to get wind of a member of the household making out with a black, American jazz singer on the servant’s dining table. Downton has never known such scandal.



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