Once Upon a Time Season 3 Review “Good Form”

Once Upon a Time may just be back on track! Of course, I may also be a bit biased since Hook is one of my favorite characters and he finally got his moment with Emma. There was minimal Henry, and it felt like the flash backs were shorter than usual. Let’s break it down.

Emma + Hook.

Oh, how I waited for the moment that Emma finally gives in to Hook’s charms. The lip-lock between the two did not disappoint. Emma’s resistance to Hook finally collapsed after she learned that he had saved Charming’s life. Realistically, she couldn’t have resisted his bad boy charms much longer. What is not cool is the wrench that Pan has thrown into this coupling. Pan tells Hook at the end of the episode that Neal is alive and on the island. Now, Hook has to decide if he’s honest with Emma or if he’s going to keep this information secret. I imagine that he’s going to keep it a secret, reinforcing his role as the villain and cementing Neal’s role as the good guy. I can’t help it. I don’t like Neal. He’s just way too vanilla. I would much rather Emma end up with the bad boy who is willing to set aside his evil ways in order to win her.




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