The Blacklist Season 1 Review “Gina Zanetakos”

Those that read me regularly are aware that I’ve been known to mention the difficulties with telling a long arc story over the course of a 22 episode season. If you give viewers a lot of information early, showrunners run the risk of giving too much away too fast. The goal of any show designed to run for years is to get people hooked into the long plot so they’re forced to keep coming back regardless of the information revealed. That being said, when the opening episode of your series leads with the long form mystery, you run the risk of making people a little antsy. I have no doubt that people are going to stick with The Blacklist, but the non-reveal reveals are starting to become rather grating. As expected, the box found in the Keen apartment ultimately gave us nothing. Sure, something weird is going on, and Red clearly doesn’t want to tell anybody about it, but we didn’t learn anything this week. It’s a classic trick: Act like you’re revealing something while ultimately revealing nothing. The problem with the classic trick is just that; it’s a classic from another era. People are too sophisticated, and things move too fast for the slow tease to be anything but frustrating.



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