The Originals Season 1 Review “Sinners & Saints”

Go figure. Who would have thought someone would manage to out-Klaus at his own game? Actually, several people did, if you think about it. On the latest “The Originals,” we discovered that there were more than a few “Sinners & Saints” running around New Orleans, and not all of them were all they seemed. Some, in fact, were a little of both.

For one, we learned that Sophie was running a long con that involved playing Klaus right into a war with Marcel, when all she really wanted was to track down Davina and finish what her fellow witches started: a ritual known as the “Harvest,” which would re-up all of the witches’ powers for another few centuries. The catch? Four witches had to die in the process, one of them Davina- who, as we know, is still very much alive, which means the ritual remains unfinished.



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