Person of Interest Season 3 Review “Mors Praematura”

Last night’s Person of Interest was a solid episode that brought back Root and inched forward the HR and government conspiracy stories. The person of interest was the foster brother of a presumed dead computer hacker. The machine, though, knew that the hacker was not dead and guided Root to him. As we saw at the end of last week, Root wasn’t going to be able to fulfill her mission alone.

It doesn’t take long for Finch and Reese to discover that Shaw is missing. As Finch notes, Shaw is many things, but never late. Reese is tasked with tracking her and Root down, while Finch focuses on the person of interest. One thing I liked about this storyline was that even when it looked like Shaw was working with Root, Finch and Reese didn’t really think that she had somehow switched sides. This shows that they do have faith and trust in her. I was glad to see that Shaw was able to get some payback at the end for being shocked by Root.



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