CSI Season 14 Review “Passed Pawns”

In the latest turn of the “CSI” did-they-or-didn’t-they celebrity guest star roulette wheel, the answer on the episode “Passed Pawns” was, as you might have guessed from that title, yes and no. In that, it was actually a little bit celebrity, a little bit character actor, when all was said and done. In the celebrity guest star corner, we had Illeana Douglas, as a brassy mother of two- one a “Rain Man”-type savant, and the other a gruff brute that ended up dead himself.

On the lesser-known side, we had pretty Shannon Lucio, a TV-vet best known for “The OC” and “Prison Break,” though I recognized her more immediately from the ridiculous TV-movie “Spring Break Shark Attack”- there was even a joke to that end on the show. She played a woman scorned who sought out revenge via hit man, a local homeless guy who she hired via a pawn shop, through Ruby (Douglas), the owner.




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