Arrow Season 2 Review “Crucible”

A crucible is a container designed to withstand extremely high heat without breaking and without allowing the contents to be altered. In the modern vernacular, a crucible is an extremely difficult personal test or trial. I’d say both definitions apply to The Arrow. This episode of Arrow revealed how things just keep getting more complicated for Oliver. Hopefully this crucible will help push Oliver farther down the road toward hero.

It seems that villains are coming out of the woodwork since the destruction of The Glades. This time, it was a gun-runner calling himself The Mayor who showed up making trouble in Starling City. Actually, he was just an opportunist who jumped at the chance to become a big shot after the earthquake caused so much chaos. Oliver attempted to stop The Mayor by anonymously sponsoring a cash for guns program in The Glades. Everything was going well until The Mayor showed up and starting shooting. After a bit of research and some help from Dig and Felicity, Oliver was able to locate The Mayor’s next shipment of guns and neutralize him. The Mayor wasn’t a particularly interesting or intimidating villain of the week, and he was more of an afterthought than an adversary. The most interesting part of that whole story was watching The Arrow and Canary kick The Mayor’s butt.

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