The Tomorrow People Season 1 Review “Kill or Be Killed”

Kill or be killed indeed. This episode of The Tomorrow People gave significant insight into the complicated relationship between John and Jedikiah. They have a weird father/son type thing going on, except that the father is hunting down and trying to kill the son. Like I said, kind of weird. I also had a feeling that Jedikiah was hiding things, and one of his secrets is secret no longer.

Years ago, Jedikiah wasn’t just hunting down tomorrow people to strip them of their powers. He was trying to figure out how to turn them into weapons. In Jed’s quest to weaponize the tomorrow people’s abilities, he created a monster. Whatever process or drugs he used to weaponize the abilities, somehow turned off the switch preventing tomorrow people from killing other people. Unfortunately for him, one of his science projects, Killian, got loose and started wreaking havoc. It’s all fun and games until Frankenstein’s monster gets loose and destroys the lab. Which is exactly what happened with Killian. When Jed couldn’t control him anymore, he sought to kill him. Killian was blowing up buildings and killing people all over the place, and Jed put all his resources into locating and stopping him before he got to Ultra (and by extension Jed) and destroyed them. Killian wasn’t really after Jed though. He was after John. I suppose he felt betrayed that John wasn’t hunting him anymore. I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Killian’s arrival revealed two very important things: (1) Jedikiah is even more twisted than I thought and (2) John can kill.



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