NCIS Review: Sleepless in the Bullpen

After being awake for four days, Tony thought his mind was playing tricks when he glimpsed an informant who he hadn't seen in 15 years.  In between flashbacks to those earlier years, the question persisted:  what was keeping him awake?

"Once a Crook" began with a murder case which turned out to be peripheral to the main story.  Anton Markin - a thief who was recruited by Tony 15 years ago to inform on a mobster named Victor  - returned home to comfort his grieving sister Marie.  Years ago, Markin had killed Victor's brother in an act of self-defense, after which he fled.  Vincent, upon learning of his return had Marie kidnapped in an effort to take vengeance on Anton.  During the kidnapping, Petty Officer Wells was killed.   Read More....


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