Chicago Fire Review: Resignation

When Chicago Fire Season 2 first premiered, Gail did not come across as the type of person who could really follow through on her threats, but I admit defeat. Gail pulled off the "Power Move" she was looking for: using the house against Boden.

Gail didn’t get her wish of closing down 51, the state believes the house is too valuable to shut down, but Gail ends up removing the person she wants out the most: Boden.

Yet, Boden’s letter of resignation has very little to do with Gail’s actions. Boden’s letter of resignation stems from the house and the people he commands. Most of this installment is focusing on what Boden sees and what he says. Boden watches his men and woman celebrate a job well done after the tree falls on the house, and his small conversation with Mills before learning of potential asbestos poisoning begins to get him thinking.  Read More....


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