Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode Recap: House Hunters


Do you want to hear a scary story? Sometimes, the writers of our favorite TV shows decide to care about something — really, really care about it — even though it isn’t interesting to anyone else in the whole world. Doesn’t matter what you say or how loudly you say it: These writers won’t listen to logic. Or reason. Or entertainment value. Or plot relevance. I could go on. We see it time and again. Someone on the Homeland staff thinks we’re watching for a tragic, star-crossed love story. Someone over at Nashville spent all of season one convinced we were tuning in for a behind-the-scenes look at the mayoral race. And someone in the PLL writers' room apparently decided: “We have our audience’s attention for one hour between the summer and winter seasons. I think we should spend approximately one third of this valuable time on a bus."


The bus will not do anything exciting. It will not crash or go off course. I’m pretty sure it’s not even a metaphor? I don’t know. Basically, Caleb — I know he’s not one of the four leads of this program, but hear me out — and that girl from Make It or Break It are going to flirt, sort of, but also not, and at one point they’ll try to steal chips from literally the bus’s only other passenger. It’s like Speed, if Speed were incredibly slow and completely ignored Sandra Bullock.  Read More....


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