'Pretty Little Liars': Ezria's fate and the body found will highlight Season 4B

"Pretty Little Liars" seemingly brought Alison DiLaurentis back to life in the Halloween special "Grave New World." Find out what's next for the back half of Season 4 in Zap2it's Q&A with executive producer Joseph Dougherty. So -- was that Alison? Was that for real?"What other conclusion could you possibly draw? [laughs] That's Alison. This is the season of answers. We're going to try to unpack as much of this as we can. That doesn't mean we aren't going to end up with more mysteries." If that was Alison, whose body did they find at Maya's house?"Boy, that's an interesting question isn't it? That's one of the major drives of the second half of Season 4. If we can figure that mystery out, maybe we'll be closer to exactly what happened and why Ali says she can't come back. Because clearly somebody is dead."Let's talk about Ezra lurking around Ravenswood. Was Gas Mask Ezra? We...



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