'The Tomorrow People': A deafening blast from Cara's past in 'Girl, Interrupted'

"The Tomorrow People" can do more than just hide underground and moan about how evolution has screwed up their lives. In "Girl, Interrupted," we find out that the **homo superior powers are also good for curing deafness, warding off date rape and stopping suicides.It's pretty cool stuff.Cara was deaf???Did anyone see that one coming? Sure, every one of the Tomorrow People was different back in the day, but deaf? Really? Also, Cara had bangs that were not working for her at all.That might have been for the best though, since she went to school with a bunch of violent and sex-crazed boys. When one such boy got rough after driving the deaf girl out into the woods, Cara defended herself by mentally throwing the kid off of her. Then her hearing kicked in out of nowhere, which seemed to be even more disorienting.Unfortunately for the newly hearing Cara, her push somehow managed to kill...



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