'Arrow' recap: Creepy dolls and a Black Canary in 'Broken Dolls'

Dolls are scary. At the very least, dolls are terrifying in the "Arrow" episode, "Broken Dolls." That is, however, what has to happen when you have a serial killer like the Dollmaker, shoving liquid polymer down girls' throats to asphyxiate them before dressing and posing.Seriously, this is one of the most disturbing things on television this season. Thank goodness the Black Canary killed the guy!But let's not get ahead of ourselves. There is so much more in this "Arrow."How Oliver escapesRemember how, the last time we saw a hooded Oliver, he was visiting Laurel at the District Attorney's office? And then remember how she called the SWAT team on him?Obviously, Laurel and the entire Starling City police department can't catch the Arrow just yet. So how did he escape?That would be thanks to the Black Canary. The city's latest lady vigilante swoops in out of nowhere, breaking glass with some sort of supersonic noise....



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