'Dracula': Jonathan Rhys Meyers' vampire has 'The Tudors' eroticism

As King Henry VIII in Showtime's "The Tudors," Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers took on an English king with a taste for fancy dress, pretty women, power, and lopping the heads off unfaithful wives and indiscreet or uncooperative courtiers.Friday, Oct. 25, on NBC, Rhys Meyers tackles another iconic character, an Eastern European king-turned-vampire with a taste for understated dress, pretty women (with and without bloodletting), power, and taking down rivals as rich and powerful as himself.From the producers of PBS' "Downton Abbey," "Dracula" returns Irish author Bram Stoker's creation -- adapted in ways ranging from the sexy to the comic and from the past to present day -- to his native 19th century. Having been revived from a desiccated imprisonment by a fresh infusion of blood - from a surprising source, for those who know the original story - the former Vlad the Impaler assumes the guise of American entrepreneur Alexander Grayson.He makes a grand...



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