'Haven' recap: Who's sleeping with the fishes in 'Lay Me Down'?

Is it just me, or is "Haven" going kind of nuts these days? Think about it -- in "Lay Me Down," we get suddenly contagious Troubles, hints that Jennifer may have even more Barn connections, the mysterious arrival of creepy Barn guys ... Oh, and Wade Crocker (Christian Camargo) totally went the serial-killer route before his own brother had to kill him.It's nuts. But nuts is good. Find out why in this recap.Freddy's dead-yTwo important points are made in the very first scene of "Lay Me Down": Jennifer is back in town, and Wade is all evil and stuff. Also, Jennifer isn't insane anymore and therefore wants to get a newspaper job at the only periodical in town, the "Haven Herald." This means that she may or may not wear glasses.Wade, meanwhile, gets all creepy in his quest for cleaning supplies. Although Duke would like to puzzle over his brother's odd behavior, there's unfortunately...



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