Wentworth Prison Series 1 Review “Checkmate”

The first series of Wentworth has never been particularly slow moving, but I was still impressed at the speed in which the identity of Debbie’s boyfriend as Jacs’ son was revealed to Bea. It was barely five minutes before she was launching herself at the she-devil herself and, though she was stopped in this instance by Liz, the revelation set free that deeply buried part of Bea that tried to kill her husband before the start of the series. She means business, and even Jacs knows she’s made a slight error in judgement.

So the only weapon she has left is to turn Bea into her unwilling protégé, practically encouraging her murderous feelings so that she can have the satisfaction of breaking her down. Bea tries, as she has all series, to solve her problems in the right way and salvage her sense of self, but the way of life insideWentworth had to get to her at some point. I sense that’s what the first series was about – rearranging the hierarchy with the new girl now on top. When Bea stabbed Jacs in the neck with a pen, she physically pushed her away with a look of absolute glee on her face.




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