Scandal Season 3 Review “More Cattle, Less Bull”

This plot has so many twists and turns it’s practically a pretzel. I don’t know how Scandal does it. Olivia is getting back into the groove with campaign season kicking into gear. Jake and Huck are on a mission to discover exactly what happened with Operation Remington. Mellie was uncharacteristically honest, and Quinn is going farther and farther off the deep end. That’s not even the half of it.

Congresswoman Josie Marcus sought out Olivia’s help in her primary bid. She wasn’t looking for a campaign manager so much as she was looking for a secret-keeper. Apparently, when the Congresswoman was 15 years old, she had a baby that she gave up for adoption. She hired Olivia because she didn’t want that information to get out. It wasn’t so much to protect herself as it was to protect the baby girl. After a little bit of digging though, Olivia’s team found out that the baby was never actually given up for adoption. The Congresswoman’s mother had kept the child and the Congresswoman’s sister was actually her daughter. Olivia told her to get in front of it and use it to her political advantage. Otherwise, the White House would ambush her with the information, but the Congresswoman refused. She believed that if her sister ever found out, it would destroy her. Naturally, Olivia was right and the White House made sure to leak the information. Congresswoman Marcus addressed the issue head on and handled the ambush beautifully, but her sister did figure out the truth. Initially, the Congresswoman was angry at Olivia and fired her, but then she came to realize that Olivia was right. Olivia had told her the truth. The Congresswoman came back and asked Olivia to run her campaign. But Congresswoman Marcus wasn’t the only one seeking Olivia’s services.



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