Elementary Season 2 Review “An Unnatural Arrangement”

On the latest episode of “Elementary,” the focus was on Captain Gregson (Aidan Quinn), and by extension, his wife Cheryl (Talia Balsam), when a home invader broke in and confronted her, seemingly looking for her husband. But in “An Unnatural Arrangement,” all was not as it seemed. The title refers to one of Holmes’ less-than-flattering descriptions of what he thinks marriage to be, and sadly, it turned out Gregson’s relationship with his wife fit that bill all too well.

For one thing, he and his wife aren’t even living together and had been separated for some time, which, had she not been a cop’s wife for so long, might well have gotten her killed. Thankfully, Cheryl thought fast, and was able to not only elude her would-be captor, but shoot him as well. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t even her husband that the guy was after in the first place. Curse you, Google Maps!




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