Reign Season 1 Review “Kissed”

It feels a little too early for this much to be happening on Reign, and I continue to be impressed by the breakneck speed of a show that could easily have relied on pretty costumes and pretty people to keep their audience engaged. Now, however, we have war, Mary marrying into the Portuguese royal family and Bash being almost fatally wounded in battle. We can still rely on Mary’s gaggle of girlies to provide the teen drama, but that’s just a small part of all there is to enjoy.

I don’t think anyone expected Mary to actually accept the proposal from soon to be legitimate Portuguese prince Tomas, but accept she has. This is only when the promise of marriage to Francis starts to look a little too frail and, after Francis makes a monumental mistake in his first act as future king, he pushes his possible future bride away (after kissing her, of course!) and into the arms of her backup royal. Do we think Tomas will stick around long enough to actually marry Mary? Not a chance.



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