Parenthood Season 5 “The M Word” Review

The “M Word” could have a number of meanings in this season of Parenthood – mayoral race, marriage, marital woes, mothers, moving (or trying to get Zeek to move). You get the idea.

For Joel and Julia, the m represented the mayoral race as they pitched in to help Kristina’s campaign with some neighborhood canvassing. Joel spent most of the time on the phone with work-related calls and Julia and the kids just happened to find Ed on their route. After chatting, playing and even dinner, it was dark and Ed’s wife was home. Julia returned home to find a guilt-ridden Joel, who had fixed a huge family dinner to make up for being so distracted by work. Thanks to a tv bribe, Julia was able to get the kids to stay quiet about their first dinner of the evening. Despite Joel’s nice effort, this couple is on the brink of serious marital woes.



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