Grimm Season 3 Review “PTZD”

The Grimm is back to his old self! Well, kind of. Um, yeah, not really. The team stops zombie-Nick’s rampage at the beginning of this week’s episode, right as he is about to go ballistic on a couple and their two children. Fortunately, the non-farming looking family has a large barn (complete with hay and pitch fork), which comes in handy for trapping Nick. Rosalee double doses zombie-Nick, and voila – the red eyes are gone. The end. Oh, right, then this all happens.

Meet Semi-Zombie Nick.

Nick returns home and slowly regains consciousness. Juliette, Monroe, Hank, and Rosalee are there to fill him in, albeit incompletely, on what happened after he was turned by Baron Samedi. They skip some of the more violent details in order to spare Nick from being overwhelmed by guilt.



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