Episode Recap: "Dreamscapes"

A man is murdered by what we think are killer butterflies, (no really) at Massive Dynamic and Peter, Walter and Olivia discover a bizarre cause of death. Olivia returns to and becomes addicted to the dunk tank; there, she can access John's memories to help solve the man's death. Peter's former girlfriend returns to warn him about people who want to "hurt him." Nina continues to be shady, and Broyles protects her. And this week, Walter is obsessed with coffee yogurt, and gets an erection. What a ride!

We begin with a man running late to a meeting in a very modern and fancy building. Once inside, he gives a presentation to some cranky investors. But, he hits it out of the park (phew!) with his presentation and packs up to leave. Then, a beautiful, seemingly harmless, butterfly appears out of nowhere and gingerly lands on his finger. (Wait a minute, the butterfly! It's just like the opening credits! And last week we had an apple!) He's fascinated by the little guy until it decides to slash the guy's face with his wing. After a few more slashes the guy finally kills the nasty bugger. A few more appear, and instead of getting the hell out of there, he looks down a vent where they disappeared into. Oh no he didn't! You know what's going to happen now! Hundreds of the vicious insects swarm the guy, slashing him left and right until he hurls himself out the window. In one of the more ridiculous shots I've seen, we follow the man, still swarmed by the butterflies, as he hurls down to his death in slow motion, to classical music. He crashes into a car, and as the camera pans out, we see the building is none other Massive Dynamic!

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